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November 16, 2007

We get email: From Teva Harrison at Quill & Quire on 'The biggest story to hit the Canadian book industry in years'


What's Quill & Quire, you ask?

Long story short from Teva Harrison's email of yesterday afternoon: "Quill & Quire is a monthly Canadian literary magazine based in Toronto, Ontario, with a 70-year tradition of reviewing Canadian books and reporting on the Canadian publishing and printing industry."

Here's her email in its entirety:

    Quill & Quire Launches A Book Pricing Information Resource

    With consumer and media attention focused on the disparity between Canadian and American book prices, Quill & Quire [Q&Q] has launched a new online resource to cover the debate for the book publishing industry and the reading public. The website, which is free to the public, is live today at www.quillandquire.com/pricing and includes a full archive of Q&Q’s past coverage alongside the most up-to-the minute breaking news about this issue.

    It has been standard practice for book publishers to print a US dollar price and a Canadian dollar price on North American editions. The relative strength of the Canadian dollar has meant that price parity has been an issue in the book trade for a number of years as publishers and booksellers have tried to address the issues of Canadian book prices, currency exchange and the costs relating to import and export. In the last year and a half, as the Canadian dollar has climbed significantly, media outlets and consumer watchdogs groups have taken aggressive note.

    “This is the biggest story to hit the Canadian book industry in years,” said Derek Weiler, editor of Q&Q. “As the leader in publishing reporting and analysis, Quill & Quire is in a unique position to inform readers and book-lovers on all aspects of the issue.”

    Whether it’s been breaking news on Q&Q Omni, the professional news service, or in-depth analysis in the print magazine; Quill & Quire has been there through it all, reporting on every changing trend. This new online resource completes the picture for the media, consumers, booksellers and book industry professionals. Whether it’s reporting on what major publishers are doing, what booksellers are talking about or how the government has been addressing the issue, Q&Q’s in-depth coverage provides the context to truly understand this complex issue. It can all be found free of charge at www.quillandquire.com/pricing.



My "Book Rage" post of this past Wednesday must've crossed Ms. Harrison's screen, such that she gave me a timely heads-up.

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