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December 3, 2007

Dogs in Cars: 'A website that delivers exactly what it promises — if nothing else'











[via Rebecca Walunas]

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Bird Song Wand


Now you can practice your calls even after the birds have gone south.

From the website:

    Birdsong Scanning Wand

    Birdlovers: for identifying birds on your next walk, take along this easy-to-use set.

    Select a bird picture from the 54-page booklet, then scan the barcode with a wave of the wand to hear a crisp, clear digital recording of the bird.

    • Wand made of durable plastic with a non-slip finish on top

    • 54-page scanbook with full color pictures

    • For identifying or calling birds (or frogs)

    • Easy-to-use, ergonomic scanning wand

    • Wrist strap and belt holster included

    • Choose from 206 birds and 10 frogs

    • Compact — take along on walks

    • Uses 2 AAA batteries (included)

    • Carrying case included

    • Built-in speakers

    • 7" long



Regularly $99.95, reduced to $80 (today only).

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"Starting today, the 'Last Supper' will travel on the Internet at 16 billion pixels"



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Football Hat


So you.

Just don't sit in front of me.


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Bespoke Eyeglasses Holder — Make it yourself for the price of a ball of yarn


The Washington Post's Amy Orndorff gives a lesson.

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World's first ballpoint fountain pen


From the website:

    World's Only Ballpoint Fountain Pen

    This dual-tipped brass pen provides the proper writing implement for formal penmanship or informal shorthand in one device.

    The fountain tip has a pointed steel nib that flawlessly deposits a fine stream of ink onto the writing surface and won't scrape the page, allowing smooth handwriting without requiring excessive force.

    The ballpoint tip allows fluid writing, ideal for business meeting notations or casual correspondence.

    The pen's barrel and cap are wrapped in European calf leather meticulously hand-stitched and embossed with an alligator pattern, ensuring optimal comfort and a confident grip.

    Includes a gift box, eight refills for the ballpoint and six refills for the fountain.

    5-3/4" H x 2/3" W.


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Why UPS is better than FedEx


So I'm at my neighborhood Seven-11 last Friday buying my junk food du jour and after making my selections and walking back out to my car, notice a big UPS truck parked near me.

I unlock my car and start to get in when I notice the UPS driver emerging from the back of the truck with two small packages.

"Hey," I say, 'cause it's my local driver, whom I see about three times a week, most often with stuff from Amazon.

He walks over to me and says "These are for you."


He then tells me he recognized my car in the lot as he was approaching the store and figured I must be there so why not save a trip out to my house?

There's something to be said in favor of living in a Podunk town.

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Marcel Wanders Hand-Painted Egg Vase


I've got the unpainted version,


introduced back in 1997 by Droog Design.


This one is available in a limited edition of 50.



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