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December 29, 2007

Chef and Restaurant Database


Much of interest here.

Who's in the kitchen with Dinah — and where were they before they got big?

Now you can find out.

26,882 listings as of today.

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Wine Glass Bottle


From the website:

    Wine Carafe with Glass

    A unique gift for the wine enthusiast, this bottle with a wine glass inside is meticulously hand crafted and mouth blown from a single piece of glass, making no two identical.

    Designed by Claudio Colucci.

    12"H x 3.25" Diam.

    15 oz.


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LIMA — Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica


Long story short: the new map, with 10 times the resolution of the previous version, offers "... the most geologically accurate, true-color, high-resolution views of the frozen continent now possible," according to Warren E. Leary's December 4, 2007 New York Times Science section story.

A team of researchers from NASA, the U.S. Geological Survey, the National Science Foundation and the British Antarctic Survey unveiled the map late last month.

This page offers additional details.

Be more chill.

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Official Toilet Paper of bookofjoe


Three rolls for €7.51.

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Why the Internet is like giant magnetoresistance


Wait a minute, joe: what the heck is giant magnetoresistance?

I thought you'd never ask.

Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) is a phenomenon in which very weak magnetic changes give rise to major differences in electrical resistance.

The discoverers of GMR shared this year's Nobel Prize in physics.

Long story short: GMR makes the iPod possible.


It occurred to me the other day that the Internet routinely exhibits such assymetrical amplification effects, in which an offhand mention of something in an obscure place can result in worldwide buzz and dissemination within hours of appearing online.

Most curious.

I wonder if this basic effect — a small force applied just so, yielding disproportionate results — is an inherent property of not only physical forces and information technology but also the universe.


Just a thought.

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Deviled Egg Carrier


I've had my crack research team looking for one of these since forever and they finally found it.

From the website:

    Stack-N-Snap Egg Container

    Stack, store and safely transport deviled eggs.

    Handy container has two molded trays, which hold two dozen eggs securely in place.

    Remove the trays and the double-decker holder can be used for food storage in the refrigerator or freezer.

    Comes with snap-tight lid for easy toting.

    Microwave- and dishwasher-safe poly.

    10"W x 6-1/2"D x 5"H.




Those who have a jones for deviled eggs will want a copy of "Deviled Eggs" (below), in which Debbie Moose "offers up 50 tantalizing recipes to satisfy any egg cravings your guests may have. She uses traditional ingredients like paprika and mustard to not so traditional ones like ginger and wasabi powder."

Full disclosure: After finishing this post, if I never see another deviled egg again it will be too soon.

You go on ahead, I'll catch up with you later.



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Top search words for visitors to bookofjoe


It's nice to know that the elementary school reading level


required to comprehend what appears here is congruent with
the subjects most likely to cause people to visit.



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My TV Blanket


From the website:

    My TV Blanket

    So you're all comfy and cozy, nestled in your favorite chair or on your cushy couch, wrapped in a soft blanket, watching TV or perhaps reading a novel.

    Trouble is, there's an updraft running right up your legs!

    You fiddle with your covering, trying to keep it under your feet and make a complete cocoon, but it repeatedly slips — causing you to tuck, retuck and tuck again.

    Of course, every time you lean forward to complete this annoying task, the remote slips onto the floor or in between the cushions.

    Pretty frustrating, isn't it?

    Not any more.

    My TV Blanket is crafted from soft, thick polar fleece.

    It features a draft-free deep foot pocket and handy accessories pocket (for remote control, book, reading glasses, etc.).

    Made from lightweight, breathable, non-allergenic anti-pill polyester, My TV Blanket is finished off with blanket stitching.

    100 percent premium spun polyester fleece (polar fleece).

    52" x 62".


    • Polar fleece — lightweight, easy-care, high performance

    • Retains color and shape after laundering

    • Roomy enough for two people




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