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December 21, 2007

bookofjoe MoneyMaker™ — Gel Mat Barefoot Treadmill


As I walk along every day an average of five to seven hours at 1 mph on my wonderful Smooth 5.15 treadmill (discontinued, but succeeded by the even better 5.25, which I'll be buying when my trusty 5.15 finally gives up the ghost), I sometimes wish I had enough money to buy one of those monster machines they have in gyms, with the tank-like treads running perpendicular to the treadmill bed's long axis and no hard surface underneath.

It would be so much easier on the old dogs which, after a particularly long day sometimes do bark a bit.


The other day, looking at one of the zillions of catalogs that flood my mailbox daily, I happened on the Gel Pro Chef's Mat (top).


Make a treadmill belt using this material.


I'd be the first of many people in line to buy one.





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Problem: Feet, not treadmill.

If existing insoles are going flat, replace with Odor-Eaters Ultra Durable insoles, then top with Dr. Scholl's Double Air-Pillo Insoles. Aaaaaah.

Walking 5-7 hrs. a day will necessitate replacing the whole infrastructure every one and a half to two weeks.

Posted by: Flautist | Dec 22, 2007 12:17:55 AM

Those treadmills you speak of are made by a company called Woodway. We use them in our gym/training facility and they are amazing. The only drawback is they will set you back a bit. I believe their cheapest model is around $4k.

Posted by: Ernesto | Dec 21, 2007 8:38:33 PM

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