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December 6, 2007

Experts' Experts: 'Getting Sprinkles to Stick'


Finally — something useful here.

But I guess even an anosmic pig finds an acorn every now and then, what?

Cook's Illustrated's "Notes From Readers" Q&A led off its September/October 2007 issue's feature with the following helpful tip.

    Getting Sprinkles to Stick

    Q. When I make butter cookies, I have the hardest time getting decorating sugar or sprinkles to stick to the tops. Can you offer some tips?

    Debbie La Rocca
    Albany, N.Y.

    A. Simply dusting decorating sugar or sprinkles on top of cookies prior to baking will not work: Most of the granules will fall off by the time the cookies are removed from the baking sheet. A moist surface is necessary to help bind the sugar to the relatively dry dough.

    We applied several different liquids — water, beaten egg, cooking spray, and corn syrup — to the tops of butter cookies before sprinkling them with an even layer of colored sugar to find out which was the best adhesive. After removing the cookies from the oven and allowing them to cool, we turned them upside down and shook them lightly to gauge how well the sugar stuck. The water, egg, and cooking spray all did an equally good job; a negligible amount of sugar fell from these cookies. The sugar also stuck to the cookies brushed with corn syrup, but the tops of these cookies became unacceptably darker, crunchier, and sweeter.

    We recommend the easiest method of all: Lightly brush the tops of unbaked butter cookies with water before applying decorations.


The photo up top shows how colored sugar failed to adhere to cookies not moistened before baking; that below


shows the result of brushing with water prior to covering with sugar and baking.

Pretty convincing, I must say.

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I love the sprinkles.
I love the sugar cookies.
I love those little tiny round ball candy sprinkles of many colors. When I was a kid I'd purloin the little bottle and eat them all up with no cookies under them.

Ah, sprinkles. Colorful round ones and silver dragees and sparkly sugar ones. Now I'm all horny for cookies.

Posted by: Flautist | Dec 8, 2007 6:03:50 PM

This is better than a support group for people with chronic adherence issues (like myself). And timely, too... thanks for sharing!

Posted by: Ken Hoyt | Dec 8, 2007 10:51:10 AM

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