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December 2, 2007

How you know Facebook and MySpace are over


When today's New York Times "Ideas & Trends" feature in its "Week in Review" section offers an essay entitled, "Friending, Ancient or Otherwise," and today's Washington Post Op-Ed page has one entitled "Getting to Not Know You" — both pieces purporting to explain aspects of these semi-historical websites — you know the smart money has left the building.

Long ago I realized that when something makes the cover of Time (which Bob Dylan, back in the day, referred to as "a comic book") or Fortune or the front page of major dailies and their ilk, that person or subject is more an icon (in the historical sense) than an avatar of what's happening now.

Elvis isn't on Facebook or MySpace because, like myriad people I don't know but admire nonetheless, he departed a long time ago to surf the bleeding edge.

Better wear Kevlar briefs, would be my advice.

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