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December 28, 2007

Shaolin Secret Acupressure Massaging Slippers


From the website:

    Shaolin Slippers

    The Science of Acupressure

    Nowadays, more people are using acupressure and acupuncture to help benefit and improve their lives. We have learned that science and acupressure are not mutually exclusive and are helping to change millions of lives. In many Western countries, there are increasing numbers of doctors and clinics that are recommending alternative medicine to remedy and resolve common ailments. Acupressure is often noted to have little to no side effects, unlike complicated and dangerous pills and medication. Using acupressure is not necessarily just for healing but is most effective for preventing, promoting, and sustaining good health.

    The Shaolin Secret

    In many Shaolin temples in South China, even though they are in near perfect health, they still use acupressure to maintain their good health. Acupressure is not just used to heal. It is used to prevent problems that come with aging. Your aging body will need the extra health benefits.

    Finding the Hidden Secret

    During my travels in Asia, I visited a Buddhist temple in the An Fei province of China. I saw a priest walking in shoes with wooden pins. I thought this guy was out of his mind. Why does he endure this kind of pain? While I was in the temple, I found a small waiting room in which 10 people from around the world were waiting in line. I started talking to them about the temple and what they were waiting for. They smiled and told me about this Shaolin method to promote better health. As I was talking to the Shaolin priest, I came up with an improved product using their 5,000 years of tradition. You won't need to fly halfway across the world to see the Shaolin priest.

    Improving Perfection

    The design of the Shaolin Slipper is based upon the perfect slipper, developed over thousands of years of ancient Chinese research. How do you improve on perfection? Technology has made available materials that are even better than the wooden shoes. Special rubber is used to make walking more comfortable yet still provide the acupressure stimulation necessary. The materials are also anti-microbial, reducing the risk of foot odor, fungal infection and material breakdown. Plus, a pair of Shaolin Slippers is much less expensive than a flight to China.


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Where can I buy the Shaolin Slippers?

Posted by: Annette Seck | Mar 3, 2009 9:16:50 AM

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