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December 13, 2007

ShowerFloss — 'Prevent diseases by flossing in the shower'


That's what it says in the catalog.

From the website:


    ShowerFloss can help provide some of the best preventative dental care.

    Hate to floss?

    ShowerFloss prevents painful, unsightly gum disease by helping to control plaque before it starts.

    Just attach it to your shower fixture and get the benefits of an oral irrigator like your dentist's.

    Harmful bacteria can build up under the gums in "pockets," leading to gum disease and bad breath.

    Powerful ShowerFloss flushes out these pockets, reducing bacterial build-up.

    Compatible with 98% of all home showers.


    • Tubing and sleeves

    • Red and blue piks

    • Wall hanger

    • Adapter

    • Handle


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