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December 12, 2007



From websites:

    Tingler Head Massager

    Sending tingling sensations from scalp to toes, the head massager helps ease away the stress of your day.

    Custom-fit fingers bend to fit your head, gently raising and lowering for a relaxing massage.

    Features rubber-tipped copper fingers and wood handle.

    Collapses for storage.

    12" x 6".




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@Flautist: How funny! My sister gave me one of these; it now lives a lonely life in a box next to a set of handcuffs, lotions, potions and other "I so bored" tonight gadgets!~) you're so right about the hair ripping part; not a tool for amateurs or trembling hands.

Posted by: chris miller | Dec 12, 2007 3:00:24 PM

Okay, I'll give you my totally unasked for report on the Tingler. (First of all, bad name, because I always think of the similarly-named Vincent Price movie about the thing that forms in the spinal cord when a horrific scare is experienced, and sometimes it detaches and stalks the vicinity, causing more scares/thus more hatched tinglers. The only thing that can inactivate it is a good old blood-curdling scream. Interesting movie trivia fact: the actress in "The Tingler" who played the unable-to-scream victim who was menaced by the red hand creeping out of the bathtub full of blood was the same actress who played "Miss Lonelyhearts" [who had no audible lines] in "Rear Window.")

Now. I can't decide if I would call this thing the "Soother," the "Exciter," the "Relaxer," or maybe the "Liquifier." But those all kind of have the air of the adult bookstore, so probably none of them. Maybe just...."The Pumpkin." Because it kind of looks like a pumpkin frame. Although if you thought about it, you could say that name is a little iffy, too, but, oh the hell with it. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Anyway. First warning -- where all the copper wires come together at the handle, that spot has a tendency to grab up and imprison individual hairs, producing a hair-tweezing effect of Inquisitional-like unpleasantness. I taped over that spot with wide Scotch packaging tape, taking care to fold over all sticky parts so THEY don't yank hairs out, either. Second -- instruct all to be tingled to brush first, ridding hair of knots, tangles, etc., because this thing can have a serious egg-beater-like effect on your mane. Third -- Realize there's no accounting for the different effects on different people. I have one friend who shrieks with laughter the whole time; one who, uh, rapidly approaches the point of no return, sometimes passing it; one who falls into instant peaceful sleep; one who says "God, this looks good but it feels AWFUL!"; and several who just bliss out, becoming flabby and limber, like a greyhound after a warm whirlpool bath. And you can certainly use it on yourself, but it's WAY better to have yourself done to.

Oh yeah, also -- if it's going to feel really great, it's only going to do so for five or ten minutes. After that, it just starts to get annoying.

And like I said, if nothing else, it makes a crackerjack Fall/Halloween decoration, because it does look a lot like a punkin' with a long stem.

Posted by: Flautist | Dec 12, 2007 2:31:07 PM

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