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January 12, 2008

Colonel Ichabod Conk World Famous Lime Shaving Soap


A few weeks ago (December 14, 2007) I reported on a solution to the problem of airline carry-on annoyances regarding toothpaste.

"Now, on to solving the shaving problem," was how that post concluded.

My crack research team awoke from their post-holiday stupor and brought back just the thing, an acceptable alternative to shaving cream that doesn't require any special packing to be carried aboard a plane.

It's a solid piece of soap that foams up a little when you get it nice and wet.

I shaved with it and though it's not as nice as Gillette foam, it'll do just fine and is a heckuva lot better than the nasty shaving lotion in a foil package they gave me at a hotel last month.

From the product website:

    Colonel Ichabod Conk World Famous Lime Shaving Soap

    • Lime glycerine with aloe vera

    • Reusable hinged container

    • 2.25 oz.


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I've found that a brush does work better with a glycerin soap. Only because if it's left in a pool of water it dissolves easily.

Actually, it doesn't dissolve, it turns into a slippery, ghost busters goooooey kinda slime. Yuk.

Need a good draining soap dish with glycerin soaps.

Posted by: Ray | Jan 13, 2008 3:19:32 PM

Or you can just shave with soap and water and nothing else.

I have to say that since I stopped using shaving creams or otherwise, I get closer shaves and my skin isn't nearly as irritated. Tried some of the premium solutions and they did nothing more than try to instill a ritual. Shaving brush? Sure...it stands up the hairs better...uuuhuh. No, it just made you act like a hipster tool. I have to say, the ritual made me want to shave a little more often, but these days, twice a week is more than enough. When I did shave, the best thing I ever found was the Alveno calming cream. A lot less redness even with the infrequent shaves. But like I said, plain soap and water...ivory and hot H20 while showering.

Posted by: clifyt | Jan 13, 2008 12:52:54 AM

"It's a solid piece of soap that foams up a little when you get it nice and wet."

That's because you're supposed to use a shaving brush with it. It works *much* better that way. Check out the traditional shaving sub-culture at www.shavemyface.com, www.badgerandblade.com, and my youtube shaving channel (click on url). I even have a video about shaving while traveling!

Posted by: Mark | Jan 12, 2008 10:58:12 PM

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