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January 9, 2008

An Ordinary Spy — by Joseph Weisberg


It's what I'm currently reading at bedtime.

Last night I looked and saw I was only about 100 pages from the end, which made me unhappy: at 288 pages it's too short by half.

Weisberg uses a unique (to my experience, at least) approach to his text, to wit:


Parts that the CIA (where he worked as a case officer) redacted (or didn't, but perhaps Weisberg did so for effect) are blacked out.

No, you can't read what's underneath by holding the pages up to the light.

Although I did try, I must admit.

Who wouldn't?

But I digress.

Reading the book is like spending time with a friend you're always glad to see: it's somehow comforting and reassuring, though the protagonist of the novel is anything but comfortable as he tries to figure out where the mirrors end and reality begins.

Highly recommended.

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I also enjoyed An Ordinary Spy, although I can't say that I was a disappointed as you were to have it end. This is not your traditional spy story. There's not much exciting or important action. And if there were, the blacked out sections would have been more disturbing. As it is, they highlight to fact that the book is not really about the spy stuff. It is about the protagonist coming to grips with what's important in living a good life.

If you accept links in your comments, here's my more detailed opinion:

Posted by: Nate Bradley | Feb 17, 2008 2:39:39 PM

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