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January 15, 2008

Finally, a good analogy for why TV commercials are zombie technology


Zombie in the classic sense, i.e., something dead given the semblance of life.

Companies don't have a clue what to do with all their advertising millions other than continue to burn them in 30 second chunks of boredom, idiocy and irrelevance.

TV commercials as a group are no more unwatchable than they ever were — but the milieu in which they compete has changed irrevocably and continues to accelerate in another direction entirely.

Now that computers and the web give us control of what we see, being forced to sit there and absorb the same commercial over and over and over again — oftimes in successive breaks — becomes increasingly irritating.

The analogy: You know how a great joke makes you laugh?

Well, consider how funny you'd find it if the same person told it to you every ten minutes for the next hour.

Bet by the fifth go-around you wouldn't be laughing very hard.

Maybe not at all.

TV commercials are like CDs — old technology that's still around but with a terminal case of the dwindles.

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I'm a bit disappointed... you seem like someone who might choose to not TV. I suppose if I were also a sports fan, I might get one. As is, I haven't missed having a tv for about 5 years. Interestingly, if I stay in a hotel, I search for that commercials-only channel.

Broadband web and netflix seem to satisfy most vidiot cravings.

Posted by: marshall | Jan 16, 2008 6:16:58 PM

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