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January 20, 2008

Kik-Step 50th Anniversary Library Edition


Has it been 50 years already?

Seems like it went by in a flash.

In any event, Kik-Step's just issued this special commemorative edition of its iconic stool, "featuring quotes from classic literature molded into the non-skid tread."

Black or Silver.



Of interest to me is the fact that the special edition is priced identically to the standard version, available in your choice of 10 colors: Charcoal Grey, Black, Buff, Celery, Copper, Fire Engine Red, Midnight Blue, Orange Zest, Silver and White.

Didn't know there was such a broad spectrum, did you?

I sure didn't until two minutes ago.

But wait — why pay $65?

You can get the genuine article for less (or more) at any number of places.

How about $49.95?

Bonus: they also have it in yellow and green.

For those of you who prefer to shop Bizarro World-style, Sears will sell you one for $84.99.

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