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January 18, 2008

Screwdriver Holders


No question, two holes are better than one: I've got my screwdrivers lined up in a piece of wood I cut, sanded and drilled, then nailed to my shop wall.

There's just one hole for each screwdriver, and they're always loose and crooked.

From the website:

Screwdriver Holders

These versatile screwdriver holders grip all types of screwdrivers with shanks from 2mm to 12mm (3/32" to 1/2") in diameter, either round or faceted.

Since they grip firmly with stacked sets of six-finger grippers, about 2cm (3/4") apart, they are able to hold drivers vertically or horizontally.


For drivers with handles up to 4cm (1-1/2") in diameter, an interlocking base feature makes spacing easy.

For larger-handled screwdrivers, the spacing can be increased as needed.

Mounting screws for 3/4" material included.


A set of 12 (4 each in red, blue and yellow) costs $5.90.

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I just reused a net bag that onions came in. Folded it into a longish rectangle and stapled it along one side, and just stab screwdrivers, awls, whatever into the holes. I've got these at an angle so all of them fit quite nicely indeed and no risk of stabbing anything else with them.

Posted by: tatiana | Jan 18, 2008 6:43:16 PM

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