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January 12, 2008

Kneez-E-Z — With a name like that it better be good


From the website:


Spare your knees with this cushion on wheels!

Any household chore that requires working in a low position — from painting the baseboards to washing the floor to altering a hem — is easier with this rolling cushion.

With a typical knee cushion, you have to constantly get up and down to reposition it as you move from spot to spot.

Not with this rolling coaster!

Designed for use inside the home, it makes "low-height" tasks easier... and is easier on your body.

Because it’s about 6½" off the ground,


it puts you in a more comfortable kneeling position than an ordinary cushion — you can even sit on it with your legs crossed in front!

The large 16½"-square, water-resistant cushion gives you plenty of room to kneel or sit comfortably.

A full 1" thick, it attaches to the wheeled base with a Velcro closure. (Easy to remove to take along to sporting events, picnics and lawn concerts.)

The coaster’s 3", twin-wheeled casters roll smoothly over flat surfaces and won’t mark floors.

It’s handy when organizing cabinets, cleaning baseboards, grooming pets, painting, wallpapering, even weeding on the patio.

It might even find its way to the garage for auto detailing!

Base is high-impact plastic and holds up to 300 pounds.



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Just a guess...the inventor did not share a house with an eight-year-old boy. I'm just saying is all. Because I know what it would be used as within five seconds of entering my house - and it wouldn't be easy on anyone's knees either! ;)

Posted by: Shawn Lea | Jan 13, 2008 5:27:21 PM

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