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January 15, 2008

Secret Litter Box


Hide it in plain sight.

From the website:

    Hidden Litter Pan

    Litter box crowding the bath?

    Put it in any room!

    What looks like a potted plant is actually a litter box in disguise.

    And, thanks to the filter hidden under the faux plant, guests won't guess its true purpose.

    With the door towards the wall, nobody but kitty will know that this potted plant hides the litter box.

    The top half lifts off so you can change the litter.

    No need for a separate pan — the bottom half is an easy-to-clean litter pan.

    50" high overall; 19" diameter.


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That's a pretty sweet litter box, but it seems like it might be a pain to lift the top off every time to clean it. I use a self cleaning litter box for my three cats.

Posted by: Self Cleaning Litter box | Jun 19, 2008 2:21:14 AM

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