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January 17, 2008

Tater Mitts — Episode 2: Hot Orange (Perfect for a roadside picnic)


Because when you're busy peeling potatos in the Interstate median, you want to be as visible as possible.

Sure, the original blue iteration introduced in Episode 1 on April 30, 2007 will work just as well — but they're so last year.

From the website:

    Potato Peeling Gloves

    Potato peeling gloves clean and peel spuds and other veggies in just seconds!

    Abrasive surfaces cuts prep time in half and saves your fingers from nicks and cuts as they quickly remove skin and grime.

    Works on potatoes, carrots, radishes and more — no peeler needed.

    Comfortable cotton-lined latex.

    One size fits all.



Bonus: Price break!

Just like with computers and other high-tech stuff, these gloves get cheaper as time goes by.

$14.98 a year ago, now they're a sweet $6.98.

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