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February 19, 2008

$1 Camera Stabilizer — 'Lose the Tripod'

So TechnoDolt™-friendly, even I could make it.

[via Jerry Young]

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love it!

Posted by: jennie | Feb 20, 2008 3:28:21 AM

Very few "almost free" concepts amaze me, VERY FEW! It's so sad so many will read this (even sadder, many won't)and never try it and continue to bore the hell out of us with badly focused picts!

Book of Joe = ZEN

Joe Peach

Posted by: Joe Peach | Feb 19, 2008 6:50:45 PM

Don't see the graphic...or a link. Guess I have to still use my tripod?

Posted by: Virginia | Feb 19, 2008 2:52:56 PM

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