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February 17, 2008

Hiroko Shiratori


Martino Gamper described her as an archaeologist who "digs out historical myths and references and transforms them into her own invented stories," wrote Janice Blackburn in an February 9, 2008 Financial Times article about the young designer.

Below, the home page of



You could look it up.


"A thing
should be
as simple as
possible, but
no simpler."


View her work.

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Warning Web


Had enough of nursing stunned birds after the unexpected "thump?"

Me too.

Good idea, this.

From the website:

    Warning Web

    One of the easiest ways to prevent birds from striking a window is by using this ingenious decal.

    Made from transparent vinyl, the decal is printed with a spider web pattern that birds naturally recognize as a hazard and avoid.

    The web features a concentrated white zigzag pattern known as a stabilimentum, which scientists believe spiders use to effectively deter birds from flying through their webs.

    The 8" x 8" decal can be placed inside or out and attaches to windows with static cling.

    Large or picture windows may require two or more decals.


Perfectly clean windows are not an unmitigated blessing to all of God's creatures.


Two for $8.95.

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Best book title of the month


Cover's not bad, either.

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Cable-Management Channel


Not the best product name but hey, they didn't run it by me before they put it up — there's only so much I can do.

From the website:

    Cable-Management Channel

    No-hassle way to organize that ugly jumble of computer and TV wires, cords and cables

    Just slide all those wires inside this 1"-thick, 1-1/2"-wide plastic channel that mounts anywhere, then "latch" it closed; opens as needed to easily add or remove cords — no need to unplug the cords first.

    48"-long channel (cut to length) is paintable and mounts with the self-adhesive backing.


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Pierced Vases and Glasses — by Vanessa Mitrani


The French designer's





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Easy Circuit Finder — Episode 2: Linda Badeen's great hack


Within hours of Episode 1's appearance yesterday, in came her brilliant comment: "How about just using a radio that you already own?"


Fast (you've already got what you need); cheap (free); and out of control (read outside the box — as in thinking).

The way we like it.

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'99 Resources to Research & Mine the Invisible Web'


By Jessica Hupp, this post went up this past Wednesday, February 13, 2008.


Tell you what — this is a treasure trove, so much so that I may have to add another member to my crack research team just to investigate all these sites.

[via Amy S. Quinn]

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Medusa — by Géraldine Gonzalez


The French artist uses crystal paper (similar to wax paper but coated with plastic) and wire to fabricate her ceiling-mounted LED fixtures, which give "a soft glow reminiscent of phosphorescent sea creatures."


Inquiries: gonzaldine@yahoo.fr or 011-33-1-4700-4440.

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