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February 16, 2008

'How Grandma Sees the Remote' — by Roz Chast


I got news: it ain't only grandma.

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I laughed so hard I nearly cried. It is one thing to give your mother all of these scary new electrical toys, it is another when she moves in with you and has to co-exist with them.

My husband and I work in high-tech industries and tend to be early adopters. This causes Mom grave consternation that 1) our children will be poisoned by the Internet (they're all over 20 and don't live at home), 2) our Dyson vacuum is cheap garbage because it's not made of steel like her old Kirby, and 3) a phone without a dial tone is not a phone, or at the very least, not working properly.

However, she is fascinated by the GPS system and the fact that I can make Christmas presents appear at the door without ever going to the mall.

There are glimmers of hope. They're dim however.

Posted by: soozq | Jun 30, 2008 1:26:33 PM

[...] Via Bookofjoe

Posted by: Menu Inicio | Feb 18, 2008 8:15:06 PM

I enjoyed that. Thank you! I gave you a shoutout on my blog. http://matthewhelmke.net/index.php/2008/02/17/37-how-grandma-sees-the-remote

Posted by: matthew | Feb 17, 2008 6:13:17 AM

My brother, generous soul that he can be, gifted my mother over the years with tons of stuff that she never made peace with -- strange telephones; mysterious, huge televisions that get eight thousand channels and record things you never wanted recorded; music-playing machines that never play the tune you want to hear; a computer (!!) with an instruction book that looked like it was written in English but really wasn't...and on and on. It drove her crazy. She'd call me up and say "your brother is out installing radio telescopes and missile silos in my back yard!" and she referred to everything as "Telstar" or "Sputnik." Once, in a state of wild alarm, she summoned me to her house because of an "electrical overload" -- the computer had been on for TWO HOURS and wouldn't turn itself off! The house will burn down! It smells like "ozone!" (?) I think a mouse got into it and readjusted things! So we both went over there, convinced her the apocalypse was not near and then we had to go in the laundry room and laugh our asses off. Eventually, most of the stuff got given to people who actually used it, and my mother was sublimely happy with a normal TV, a VCR, cable, and a teeny little AM radio.

And I'm the same way, it turns out.

Posted by: Flautist | Feb 16, 2008 9:43:01 PM

I'm not afraid of what the buttons on my remote might do. On the contrary, most of them seem to do absolutely nothing.

Additionally, the folks who design remotes must not watch TV in the dark, without reading glasses.

Posted by: Al Christensen | Feb 16, 2008 12:21:46 PM

I know. I see it like this too. How funny.

Posted by: Milena | Feb 16, 2008 12:09:30 PM

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