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February 18, 2008

Kool-Aid Scented Shoes — Because teen spirit is so last century


From Adam P. Knave — out there on the bleeding edge where only the wild survive and thrive for more than a few moments before tumbling overboard into the plasma wake — comes news of this remarkable creation from the combined minds at Reebok and Kool-Aid.

Lauren Messiah (now there's a name to conjure with, out of William Gibson's next novel — oops, wasn't supposed to mention it... sorry) brought the glad tidings in her January 27, 2008 StyleDash post, which follows.

Smells like Kool-Aid... and feet!

Finding the words for this post was nearly impossible. I sat at my desk for five long minutes with my head hanging low, swaying side to side, and wondering why... why would anyone want a Kool-Aid scented pair of sneakers?


Clearly Reebok bypassed any of those thoughts/questions because they have teamed up Kool-Aid to create a line of scented shoes. February 1st these sugary shoes will hit shelves (not grocery store shelves) in three "yummy" flavors: Grape [above and below], Cherry, and Strawberry. I am a tropical punch girl myself but whatever....

If the shoes aren't enough you can pick up the matching hoodies, tee shirts and hats from the Kool-Aid collection.

Can't you just hear the Kool-Aid man now, laughing with delight? Can you hear me screaming in horror?...................

But wait, there's more!

"Reebok packed each of the kicks with extra flavor by crating [sic] scent-infused sockliners!"


Could a Kool-Aid-scented antiperspirant be in the final stages of testing?

Wait a minute... what's that smell?

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