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February 18, 2008

We get email: From Jay Minkoff, president of First Flavor (the folks who brought us 'Lickable Ads')

Last evening Jay was kind enough to take a break from his activities out back in his company's skunk works, where he and his crack research team (do I hear cries of "Throwdown?"... but I digress) are hard at it creating their next sensory sensation — to give me a bookofjoe World Exclusive©™® on last week's sensational introduction by Welch's of First Flavor's new "Peel 'n Taste" technology.

Long story short: The Wall Street Journal's February 13, 2007 story got it partially wrong.

Here's the straight scoop from the top, in the form of Jay's comment (still in the sidebar when I last looked) in its entirety.

Not one word has been omitted.

    A new comment from Jay Minkoff was received on the post "'Lick or 'ick?' — The rise of lickable ads"

    Relating to the partially incorrect February 13th article in the Wall Street Journal: As the president of First Flavor (www.FirstFlavor.com), the company bringing this Peel 'n Taste product to market, there is a major correction to the WSJ article: This is not about Lickable Ads.

    Welch's used the term "lick" in their ad and no one seems to have bothered to read the fine print. Our product, which can be attached to a print ad and peeled off, is a sealed tamper-evident foil pouch containing a piece of edible film (similar to popular breath strips.) One peels opens the pouch and places the piece of edible film on your tongue. The edible film dissolves quickly leaving you with a burst of flavor — no licking involved!

    The point that was really missed was that finally consumers now have a way of trying the taste of a product before they buy it. We call it taking a product for a "Taste Drive!"


"Taste Drive"... I likk — I mean like — it.

Note to Jay: What with Flavor Flav's return tonight on VH1 (9 p.m. ET) for a third season of "Flavor of Love" (top), it seems to me the time is ripe for First Flavor and Flavor Fave to sign off on an endorsement deal that will benefit both parties.





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