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March 25, 2008

Erin Atherton's '10 thingz i have to stare at'

Her video extravaganza breaks new... ground, going where no one — at least, no one I know — would dare venture in search of things that once upon a time would've been said to make you go "hmm."

I'm dating myself, aren't I?

Maybe that's because I'm the only person who always says "yes" no matter what.

Perhaps it's best I stop here, hmm?

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Spy Sunglasses — Who's watching your back?


These sunglasses allow you to see behind you while you're looking directly ahead.

They're like having a rear view mirror that no one knows about.

I had a pair back when I was in college — they really do work as advertised.

The only problem with them is that if you continue to stare to the rear, your eyes start to get really tired because the sunglasses do their trick when you look to one side without moving your head, using only your extraocular muscles.

Normally when you look to one side, you focus at a distance and move your head — visualizing your back with these requires you to focus up close on the inside surface of the lens while not moving your head, just your eyes.

Still, worth having.

From the website:

    Spy Sunglasses

    These spy glasses look like an ordinary pair of designer sunglasses, yet they have a unique feature — they allow you to see behind you.

    The lenses on these spy glasses have a special coating that allows you to look straight ahead and still see what is going on behind you.

    High quality designer aluminium frame with glass lenses with UV400 protection.

    It'll be like you have a rear view mirror with you.

    You won't need to turn your head so often.

    Stylish and great for walking and biking.


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Roz Chast knows all


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Tippi Micro Gel Grips


Last Saturday I received the following email:

Hi Doc,

My name is Philip from Seattle. I'm a product developer with a product called Tippi® Micro Gel Grips™ that might be interesting to your readers.

Tippi is a design and (latex-free) material innovation over the old "rubber fingers" for handling paper.

Commercial/industrial uses include ballot counting, mail handling and cash handling in retail, banks and casinos.


We have ergonomists as well as hand therapists looking into the product for its gripping and cushioning benefits during repetitive activities such as mouse clicking — especially while playing video games.

Perhaps the benefit that most can relate to is that the product is something comfortable and cool looking to wear for those with the habit of licking their fingers when turning pages.

Hey, I don't lick my fingers when turning pages but if I had these on I might.


From the Tippi website:

Tippi Micro Gel Grips

Dramatically improving hand dexterity, Tippi Micro Gel Grips feature Friction Ridges to help you sort, shuffle, and collate papers with ease.

The open design and flexible material feel better on your fingers and enhance productivity.

Wearable day after day, they easily clean up with mild soap and warm water.

Great for office work, archiving and hobbies.

• Latex- and acid-free

• Precision Control

• Breathable


The back story is here.

They come in Red, Green, Clear or Blue.

Though not noted anywhere on the product website, it immediately occurred to me that if you're using these, the van der Rohe doctrine applies: no fingerprints.


Two for $2.21.

Full disclosure: Philip offered to send me some for review and as you read these words they are on their way to Shawn Lea, head of my crack research team, who has cleared the decks out back in the bookofjoe skunk works in advance of their arrival, in anticipation of putting them through their paces as only she and her doughty bunch can.

Stay tuned for her fair and unbalanced report.


Wait a minute, that's not right....

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joe unmasked as 'Ether Bunny'


You could look it up.

Back story: A vision came to Ray Earhart during one of his semi-hourly fugue states back in the fall of last year.

Since then he's been polishing and preparing it for its debut two days ago on Easter Sunday 2008.

Nicely done, Ray.

The funny thing is that not one of the surgeons involved in the emergency procedure for which I dressed extra-specially noticed anything different.



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MyBag Key Ring


Jonathan Margolis featured this minibag, which compresses to key ring size, in his "Technopolis" column in the March 15, 2008 Financial Times "How To Spend It" magazine.

He wrote that it was all the rage when he was in Japan last summer and noted it's just now arriving in the U.K.

From the website:


Being eco-aware just got even more trendy.


This fold-up shopping bag comes in a range of bright colours.

The handle becomes the case which packs up to the size of a pound coin holder.

It tucks nicely in your hand bag and works even better as a key ring.

It's way more comfortable than lugging plastic carrier bags around.

And, it's reusable and way cute.

28cm x 35cm deep (11" x 14").



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joeTV — real soon now v 'how about never, is never good for you?'


As I survey the virtual landscape several things seem to have changed since I last touched on this subject.

1) The convergence of the computer and TV seems to be starting. Apple TV was a good beginning and TiVo and YouTube getting together to break down the wall separating the two screens, such that TiVo subscribers can watch YouTube videos on TV, that's much more what I'm aiming at.

Of course, it's not quite ready for prime time yet, with TiVo saying it'll start to offer YouTube "later this year." Rhymes with "real soon now." But I digress.

It's significant because should I then put a video up on YouTube, it's potentially available on TV. I call that joeTV Light. Well, okay — ultralight.

2) We all know iPhone 2.0, out later this year, will feature AT&T's 3G network, making it suitable for watching video anywhere, anytime.

What I need to make joeTV a reality is for the iPhone to add a video camera that lets me stream its output in real time just like videochatting via computer.

Then I'll have a daily live show, regularly scheduled, with such new features as BehindTheTreadmill, reader/viewer chat/call-in, and all manner of other stuff I can't even imagine.

I may even hold live auctions of the useless stuff I order, in an attempt to clean up my attic and basement and make a little caramelini money to boot.

Stay tuned.

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Programmer Bed — Why sleep under the desk when you can sleep on it?


From websites:

The Tale

The computer bed is a normal bed which makes an intelligent use of the space below the bed.


Operation is from gas-assisted pistons, often referred to as intuitive in nature.

In reality the gas piston dampens the natural action of weight transfer from bed to desk to bed.


We love this transfer of responsibility.

It is the Murphy bed concept to perfection.


Twin only: $3,650 (mattress included).

[via Micle Mihai Cristian and freshhome.com]

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