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March 31, 2008

'Little Trump' — Because The Donald's not the only one who likes living large...


From Yash Desai comes the following account of one Jo Ann Ussery (above), who in 1994 at age 52 found herself homeless after a storm brought trees crashing down on her 1,400-hundred-square-foot wood-frame house in Benoit, Mississippi, nearly flattening it.

The spunky grandmother plunked down $2,000 for a retired Continental Airlines Boeing 727 jet (above), paid $4,000 to have it transported from the Greenwood, Missisippi airport (where one of the country's premier aircraft salvage companies stores planes to be parted out) to her lakeside lot in Benoit, then spent $24,000 to spruce it up and make it more homey.

John wrote in superuse.org, "When the plane was set up, the tail was anchored in 18 inches of concrete. The nose extended out past the shoreline of the lake, giving the 727 home a dynamic look, as if it were flying [top]. The 11-foot-wide cabin looks roomy with the high-density airline seats removed. The 76 side windows and 10 cockpit windows provide ample illumination. The floor plan consists of three bedrooms, a living room/dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, a laundry area and her favorite room, the master bathroom with a Jacuzzi, in the part of the fuselage where once was the cockpit. The cockpit control wheels were retained to maintain an aircraft look."

"Most of the interior remodeling was done by Ussery. Floors had to be built up in the bathroom and kitchen because they were uneven. Conventional padding and carpeting were installed and linoleum was laid down in the kitchen. One original lavatory was kept functional as an aircraft lavatory. A garage door opener was used to open and close the rear air stairs. Overhead luggage compartments were retained, providing an abundance of storage space. Lighting was converted to house current."

"Ussery named her dream house 'Little Trump,' a reference to Donald Trump's $16-million corporate jet, which happens to be a Boeing 727 as well. When asked why she lived in an airplane: "Simply cost-effective — once it was set up, it required no maintenance."

Ussery lived in "Little Trump" from April, 1995 until May, 1999.

On May 18 of that year it incurred significant damage when it fell off a truck she'd hired to move it one mile to a new location, where she had planned to open it up for public viewing.

[via airportjournals.com, vagabondish.com and fashionfunky.com]

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After browsing around the source sites, I think the cake goes to this 727-boat, looks like it's fresh off a Roger Moore era 007 flick:


Posted by: johnjohn | Apr 1, 2008 4:11:26 AM

Is it just me? But there is something about the whole affair that I find horribly depressing. And not just the thing falling off a truck while being moved to a better (one intensely hopes) location. I don't know...the linoleum...everything.

Posted by: Flautist | Mar 31, 2008 10:41:58 PM

All that and she puts linoleum in the kitchen? I mean, how passé is that?

Posted by: Milena | Mar 31, 2008 4:56:24 PM

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