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March 24, 2008

Nixie Tube Wristwatch — 'What if LED and LCD displays had never been invented?'


Alas, you'll just have to gaze in technolust at these photos, unless you're fortunate enough to find someone who owns one of the 10 created and given away by the designer, Jeff Thomas, for Christmas in 2001 or the 25 he made and sold (for $495 apiece) in early 2002.

The back story is on the watch's website.


The Nixie Tube Digital Wristwatch


Why a Nixie Tube Wristwatch?... because it had never been done before!

The wristwatch was designed using surface mount components and miniature NOS (1968 vintage) Nixie Tubes.

To view the time, simply press the button on the front of the watch to illuminate the Nixie Tubes.

Daylight viewing is good and nighttime viewing is like an orange beacon.


The dimensions are only 2.75"L x 1.5"W x 1.2"H — it's very small (for a Nixie wristwatch).

The Nixie Wristwatch does not have a microprocessor or programmed components.

Standardized low-power CMOS logic drive the Nixies in DC mode.



the underside of the Nixie Wristwatch circuit board at 5X.

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