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March 27, 2008

Searchme.com — 'Only 971 free private beta accounts left!'


That's what the site said after I got mine just now.

Long story short: It's a waycool new search tool that uses visual images in place of text.

OK, we've seen a zillion of those.

But this one's got the seal of approval of no-nonsense nonpareil "Mossberg Solution" columnist Katherine Boehret, who yesterday wrote, "Searchme, a search engine built from the ground up, is technically in private beta — meaning that it is still a work in progress and users must be invited to use it. The company gave me access to the site and created a link so that readers of this column could also use it: www.searchme.com/wsj."

Well, are you gonna wave goodbye to any meaningful work the rest of the day or are you gonna give in to your frivolous side?

I know what I'd do.

As Oscar Wilde remarked, "I can resist anything — except temptation."

Have fun and don't blame me when you get called on the carpet 'cause I don't know you.

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