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March 16, 2008

Vatican's Top 7 Sins of 3508



Father Ryan Maher, S.J., an assistant dean at Georgetown University, musing about how things have changed over the past 1,500 years in the transgression department at Catholic Central, got to wondering what the world of evil would look like 1,500 years hence.

One thing led to another and before you could say Bob's your uncle — or Ryan's your Father — lo and behold, there on the second page of today's Washington Post Outlook section were his thoughts, spelled out in black and white (as it were).

You could look it up.

But maybe you just don't have the energy to click on yet another link.

I feel your weariness — I have it daily.

No matter, you don't even have to do that.

Just look at the graphic up top and all will be clear.

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I've always wished I could summon things out of thin air (partly because I read Roger Zelazny's Amber and he has a character who can do this.)

Oh, I can just picture it. "Maid. Free. Livingroom." and a cleaning lady magically appearing and cleaning the mess. Ahhhh... Now off to look for that criogeny room to freeze myself til 3508.

Posted by: Jen | Mar 17, 2008 7:10:55 AM

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