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April 6, 2008

TechnoDolt stumbles on nifty computer trick


Let's see, I got my first computer in 2001, the original iMac.

So I'm now in year seven of using computers.

Yet it wasn't until last night that I discovered that I could make a pop-up enlargement of a picture go away simply by clicking on it, instead of having to use the mouse and cursor to click on the little red button at the upper left.

I'm amazed that I'm able to keep cranking it out in the face of such astoundingly inept, dark-ages-of-computing technical skills.

Forget Ishmael — call me TechnoDoofus™.

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Pendulum Clock


Not your grandfather's.

From the website:

Pendulum Clock — Tick Tock Pop!

Lots of time on your hands in a really big, really cool grey timekeeper.

Mod orange hands and hypnotic pendulum track non-existent hours and minutes.


Grey painted wood composite under clear plastic dome.

Think office, kitchen, public spaces.

23.5" x 2.75" deep.


"Track non-existent hours and minutes."

I like that in a clock.

Or a philosophy.


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EgoTickr — 'now it is interaktiv'


So wrote Marcus Reimold, who invents interesting websites more often than anyone I know.

Check it out.


Tell him I sent you if you want to hear the sound of a man laughing really, really hard.

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Best T-shirt of the year



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Sure cure for boredom: email me


FunFact: From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. or so seven days a week, I'm near enough to my trusty computer to see or hear if email comes in.

You might not believe this to be true but just ask anyone who's commented: I reply to all — I mean all — incoming, the moment I read it.

Beats working.

The meaner the better, it perks me up.

But it's OK to be nice, I can handle that too.

Yes, it's crazy around here at bookofjoe World Headquarters, trying to keep track of the myriad divisions of the ever-expanding, burgeoning empire, but you always go to the head of the queue.

There's a reason


Sandra Bernhard is my patron saint.

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books4cars.com — Wouldn't it be nice to have your vehicle's owner's manual?


It's surprising how many people have lost (or never had) their owner's manual.

It can come in very handy at times.

Oftimes used cars are missing the owner's manual and people just figure they'll make do without.

Not a good idea.

You can get any owner's manual going waaaaay back, right here.

Do it.

Right now, while it's a few clicks away.

You'll thank me someday.

If not, I will cheerfully refund every penny you paid for your manual.

That's the bookofjoe way.

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BehindTheMedspeak: Print these out and put them everywhere


Put one in your wallet, near your phone(s) and computer(s), on bulletin boards, in the medicine chest, your car's glove box, the cash register, wherever.


I'll print your thanks.

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Chill Containers — Official Lunch Accessory of Ned Vizzini*


The Washington Post Food section reviewed these on March 26, 2008, as follows: "They stack easily and come in measure-marked one-cup and two-cup sizes. What we like best is the thin, detachable chill pack, which snaps onto the underside of the container lid; remove the pack and the container is dishwasher-safe. Frozen packs help keep food cold for up to six hours."

Four 2-cup containers (top) for $9.99.

Four 1-cup containers (below)


for $9.99.


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