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April 29, 2008

Literature-Map.com — 'The tourist map of literature'


"The closer two writers are, the more likely someone will like both of them."


Interesting website, a creation of Marek Gibney.

Try it the next time you get a free moment.

As if.

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Google Naps


Above, a Google nap pod, photographed at the company's Mountain View, California headquarters.

If you've got excellent enhancement software you'll find that under the Google logo it says "Naps."

The photo is by Erin Siegal for Reuters.



booking instructions.

I spotted the Google Naps photo in today's dead tree version of the Washington Post, accompanying Dennis Drabelle's instructive Health section front page story about naps.

Alas, the photo got lost in the pixel wash and didn't make it online, but lucky for you and me my crack research team was up to the task and quickly chased it down using our proprietary bookofjoe PhotoSleuth™® software.

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Easter eggs at bookofjoe?

Easter eggs — virtual fillips or extras hidden from obvious view within websites or software programs to give their discoverer a frisson of surprise — started appearing on bookofjoe years ago, but no one's ever remarked on them nor have I.

So here's one form they take: You may have noticed that hyperlinks appear from time to time in posts; well, sometimes when it's a person's name and there's more information than can be conveyed by a single source, I link the first and last names separately, such that clicking on one or the other will take you to two completely different places.

For example, yestedays's 10:01 a.m. post about JDSupra.

If you just glance at it you'll see what appears to be a link to Carl Malamud's name.

Only by slowing down a bit does it become apparent that there is a separation in the underline link indicator between his first and last names.

Two names, two links — in this case.

Nota bene: I will never try to trick you by separately linking both first and last names to the same place.

You're far too busy and important for me to waste even a yoctosecond of your valuable time.

As if.

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Off-the-Grid Automatic Pet Water Bowl


No batteries, no electricity, just good old gravity and buoyancy turned to Fido's advantage.

From the website:

    Automatic Pet Water Bowl

    Just attach to a garden hose and turn on.

    Continuously refills itself with fresh, clean water.

    The water level is automatically refreshed as your pet drinks.

    Water bottle can be used in place of a hose for indoor use.

    Float valve ensures auto shutoff to prevent overflowing.

    10-1/2 x 8-1/4 x 4-1/4".

    2 liter capacity.





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Bert Simons faces his midlife crisis


From Ananova:

Feeling light-headed!

A Dutch artist has come up with a technique for making realistic life-size models of human heads — out of paper.

Bert Simons, 42, from Rotterdam, uses computer aided design and illustration programs to make his 3D paper portraits and sculptures.


He first creates a computer model of his subjects and then flattens the model into its component parts. Once a template is created he can print it out on a sheet of paper to cut out and reassemble.

Mr Simons said: "Since a while I am in my midlife crisis, thinking a lot about the purpose of my life, what will remain and things like that.

"Since I don't have a specific talent to make my mark nor even managed to arrange some kids to reflect my existence or even have a beloved one that will never forget me, I guess I am just one of many who just will be forgotten.


"That sucks, but instead of indulging myself into depression I desperately started looking for a solution and I came up with this idea... I decided to clone myself..."

Mr Simons has since created and exhibited models of himself, his friends, a "cardboard cutie" of a woman — and even a turtle.

He adds: "There are many clones made and I also have a girlfriend now. I am very happy now!"


[via Michael Hoffman]

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Wearable Chair


U.S. Patent Number D249987.


Issued to Darcy Robert Bonner on October 24, 1978.


It's been nearly 30 years — what's the holdup?

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Out My Window NYC — 'Do you have a view into someone else's apartment?'


Photographer Gail Albert Halaban documents the views New Yorkers have from their apartments.

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World's Most Technical Banana Saver


From the website:

    NANA Saver™ Banana Holder

    Eliminates waste so you can enjoy half now and half later.

    Keeps a sliced banana fresher longer by reducing exposure to air.

    Hinged banana-shaped body with tiny teeth securely grip sliced banana while flat plate presses snugly against banana's face to minimize air contact.



$2.98 (and yes — we have no bananas. Buy your own).

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