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April 8, 2008

Blu-Ray Mascara


Because these days you just never know — what with paparazzi armed with high-definition cameras — when it'll be time for your close-up.

Kelly Jane Torrance, in an April 4, 2008 Washington Times story, wrote, "The best product, and the one most unlike its regular counterpart, is the mascara — you apply the product with a comb instead of a brush, making it virtually impossible to end up with the fake-looking clumps that normally result."

On the other hand, Jazmin on www.blog.makeupmoxie.com in a March 24, 2008 post had the opposite opinion:

    Cargo Blu-Ray Mascara

    I’m not as impressed by the collection’s mascara.

    Cargo Blu-Ray High Definition mascara has a comb applicator with short, fine teeth that effectively coat the lashes with very little clumping.

    While this buildable mascara offers nice length and decent thickness, it has a tendency to slightly uncurl lashes. Furthermore, the mascara shows some smudging after about six hours of wear (however, it removes very easily with cleanser and water).

    Those with naturally curly lashes (that don’t uncurl easily) might want to try out this mascara. Overall, however, I’m just not “wowed” by this product and I don’t really recommend it."


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Or just spring for some and see for yourself.

$20 for the entry-level mascara, going up from there.

Note: Compatible with HD-DVD.

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