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April 5, 2008



These are invaluable.

I've been using mine (not as elegant as these) for many years to start screws and I wouldn't be without them.

From the website:


    Who needs a drill to start screwholes?

    Gimlets are the old-fashioned solution — probably faster too.

    Just pick the right size, place the point and give a couple twists.

    Works nicely with most woods, especially delicate ones, and can help prevent splits.

    And these aren’t just any old cheap set, they’re hand-crafted in France with machined flutes — not cheap spiral twists — to form a double spiral that evacuates wood chips twice as fast.

    Hardened to 40-50 Rockwell hardness and ferro-blacked for rust protection.

    You’ll be passing this set down to your grandkid someday.

    Includes four sizes: 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm.




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