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May 18, 2008

'This is not a baby wipe'


Above, the sticker that adorns the top of each and every dispenser of CaviWipes™ — disinfecting towelettes "pre-saturated with CaviCide®" and used in the OR to clean surfaces and objects between cases.

Pretty scary name, CaviCide.

It kills just about everything it touches, hence the lurid warning sticker and label (below).


The thing is that the dispenser and the towelettes look exactly like actual baby wipe dispensers and towelettes.

I wonder how many times they somehow end up on a baby's bottom in spite of all the cautions.

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Car Finder


Beam me up.

From the website:

    Car Finder

    No more wandering the parking lot looking for your car.

    Extend the antenna up to 3 feet, place the nonscratch magnetic base on your rooftop and close the security tether inside your car by shutting the door.

    When you come out of the store, airport or stadium, you will easily spot the brightly colored locator ball identifying your vehicle.


Clearly the seller doesn't live in the big city, where this device would last about 30 yoctoseconds before being removed and trashed.

But for those of us living in Podunk towns like Charlottesville it could be just the ticket.

Blue, Green or Yellow.


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BehindTheMedspeak: Does running outdoors burn more calories?


Anahad O'Connor, in his "Really?" column in the May 6, 2008 New York Times Science section, gives it to you straight: Yes, about 5% more — but the advantage is more than offset by an increased risk of stress fractures.

Here's the piece.

    The Claim: Running Outdoors Burns More Calories

    The Facts: Pavement or treadmill? Most avid runners have a strong preference for one or the other, but how do the two differ in producing results?

    According to several studies, the answer is not so simple. Researchers have found in general that while outdoor running tends to promote a more intense exercise, running on a treadmill helps reduce the likelihood of injury, and thus may allow some people to run longer and farther.

    A number of studies have shown that in general, outdoor running burns about 5 percent more calories than treadmills do, in part because there is greater wind resistance and no assistance from the treadmill belt. Some studies show, for example, that when adults are allowed to set their own paces on treadmills and on tracks, they move more slowly and with shorter strides when they train on treadmills.

    But other studies show that treadmill exercisers suffer fewer stress injuries in the leg. One study published in 2003 in the British journal of sports medicine, for example, analyzed a group of runners and found significantly higher rates of bone strain and tension during pavement running than during treadmill running, particularly in the tibia, or shinbone. This increased strain can heighten the risk of stress fractures by more than 50 percent, the study found.

    The Bottom Line: Studies suggest that running on pavement generally burns slightly more calories, but also raises the risk of stress fractures.

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High-Rise Sprinkler


From the website:

    High-Rise Sprinkler

    Adjustable-height sprinkler won't be blocked by shrubs

    Conventional sprinklers are sometimes blocked by shrubbery or other obstacles in your yard.

    This adjustable sprinkler will cover 5000 square feet, ensuring your entire lawn gets coverage.

    Tripod assembly is constructed of rust-free extruded aluminum with a green anodized finish and adjusts from 25" to 48" high.

    Hose connector is angled for easy hook-up to your garden hose.

    Adjustable brass sprinkler covers area up to 100' diameter, from a complete circle pattern to any width arc.

    Folds to a compact 22"-long for easy storage.

    No assembly required.




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Tissot Touchscreen Watch


Where'd this come from?

I happened on it for the first time in a full page ad in the new (June, 2008) issue of Wired magazine.

Looks like they've taken Apple's technology and run with it.


I say again to Apple: give us a laptop screen with a base into which we snap our iPhone, transforming the instantly connected phone into a fully functioning touchpad computer.

Remember Sun's "The network is the computer?"

Well, guess what?

The iPhone is a computer — let's use it like one.

Meanwhile, back to Tissot's nifty watch: Danny Dumas reviewed it last month on Wired's Gadget Lab website, writing that its "quarter pound weight plus J-Lo class thickness..." make it hard to forget you're wearing it no matter what else you might be doing at the time.

On the other hand, he began his review, "Even a sparse description of the Tissot T-Touch Expert watch is enough to stimulate the pleasure center of the gadget geek’s brain."



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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Bitstrips — 'Make your own comic'


"If Bart Simpson founded Facebook, it would look this this."

Can't get much better than that.

"The site lets users create one-of-a-kind DIY comic strips using custom characters, colored backgrounds, multiple panels, and thought bubbles. (You can even design your own cartoon avatar). Users post, share, and vote on their favorite funnies."

[via the new (June, 2008) issue of Wired magazine]

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Bird-Electron EZ17-B iPod Recycling Speaker — Episode 2: Exceeds expectations and is the perfect accessory to let more than one person listen to podcasts


Mine arrived — from Japan, no less — yesterday, and I must say it is a wonderful addition to my treadmill desk space.

It's just as described in Episode 1 on May 9, with the following observations after using it all afternoon and evening with my iPod nano (it also works with the shuffle):

1) The sound is crystal-clear. I've been listening to music and though it won't shake your house down with its output, it's quite satisfactory.

2) I don't listen to podcasts but if you do, and you'd like to listen along with others, this is the perfect tool.

3) I thought for sure that it would drain my iPod's battery in a hurry but guess what? It seems to use no more power than my headphones, in that I've been listening with the speakers for at least six hours and the battery indicator has barely moved.

Highly recommended.


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