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May 20, 2008

Scarlett Johansson sings

Above, "Falling Down" from her debut album, "Anywhere I Lay My Head."

Allison Stewart wrote in today's Washington Post Style section front page review, "It's possible to listen to all 40-plus minutes... and still have no earthly idea what she actually sounds like."

Excuse me — but does anyone actually care what she sounds like?

Seems to me that arrow's way off target.

Her job is not to sound like anything but, rather, simply be Scarlett Johannson.

And that she does very, very well.

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Frame Fruit Bowl — Make your own still life


Sure, you could do this yourself — but you didn't and they did.

$99 CAD.

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FarmFoody.org — Your very own farmer's market is as near your computer


This website, less than a year old, is the brainchild of 68-year-old Virginia farmer Tom Davenport, who raises beef and peaches on the Fauquier County farm where he grew up.

It aims to create "a social network connecting you to farm and garden."

Nearly 750 farms and individuals have signed on so far.

Eviana Hartman's May 18, 2008 Washington Post article has the back story.

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Coffee Carafe Brush


Specialized tools for specialized tasks.

From the website:

    Brushtech® Coffee Carafe Brush

    Soft yet tensile foam coffee carafe brush cleans even the most unreachable areas of your coffee pot, yet won't scratch, chip or mar even the most delicate surface.

    Lasts 10 times longer than the best brush and 20 times longer than the best sponge.

    ABS plastic and foam.

    Dishwasher safe.

    12" x 4½".


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Brittlestar City on Macquarie Ridge


Scientists surveying a large undersea mountain chain south of New Zealand stumbled upon "... millions of tiny starfish-like creatures, called brittlestars [above], swirling their arms to capture food in the undersea current," according to today's USA Today story about the discovery.


Watch a video here.

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Hold Me Tape


"A roll of tape that isn't scared to show its feelings."

5cm W x 66m L.

$15 CAD.

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MorphWorld: Astro into Scooby-Doo


Iwao Takamoto, who died last year at 81, was an artist who worked at Disney and later at Hanna-Barbera, where he created Astro (above), the Jetsons' dog.

In Takamoto's obituary mention was made of the fact that he also created Scooby-Doo (below),


"which makes sense, given that they're basically the exact same thing," wrote Rob Walker in his very limited 2007 edition (I own #3 of 40) of "Where Were You?"

There are a lot worse things you could do with your $2 ($1 + $1 shipping) than buy a copy for yourself.

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Ironing Ladder


Nice mashup for tight spaces.

From the website:

Ironing Ladder

Unique ladder doubles as an ironing board.



Ironing board: 13.5"W x 48.5"D x 33"H

Ladder: 13.5"W x 37"D x 45"H

Folded: 13.5"W x 3.5"D x 48.5"H


• 3 non-skid steps — oversized top step 28.5"H

• Powder-coated steel

• Washable cover



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