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May 22, 2008

BehindTheMedspeak: How To Cure 'Brain Freeze'


You know it well, it's what happens when you ingest a Slurpee too fast: a sudden killer headache which seems to explode from the roof of your mouth into the empty space behind your forehead.

Speak for yourself, joe.



Where was I?

Strained peas, yeah.



Take two.

In the latest issue (June, 2008) of Wired magazine Ada Brunstein offers the best take yet on how to stop this big chill in its tracks.

Who knew Wired was a medical journal?

Not moi, until now.

Here's the item.

    How To Cure Brain Freeze

    Slurpees, margaritas, ice cream — they can hurt so good. No one really knows why, but scientists think that stabbed-in-the-forehead feeling (sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia) occurs when the temperature of your palate doesn't have time to normalize between spoonfuls of flavored ice. The capillaries in the roof of your mouth dilate rapidly, filling with warmth-inducing blood, and that sudden expansion could trigger nerves at the back of your palate (the sphenopalatine ganglion) to fire off urgent messages to your brain: "OMG, the head is freezing!" In response, blood vessels in your forehead swell in a pattern that resembles a migraine — although brain freeze lasts less than a minute. To cure a cranium chill, says Mark W. Green, M.D., director of headache medicine at Columbia University, press your tongue hard against the palate to thaw it quickly, or breathe into your hands to heat your mouth. You might also want to go a bit easier on that daiquiri.

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Cubicle Doorbell


Where was this when "Office Space" was being filmed?

From the website:

    Cubicle Doorbell

    Practical fun — put an end to being startled by visitors when you’re focused on your computer screen and let a friendly sound warn you that company’s coming.

    This cubicle doorbell lets you choose from 12 sounds and 3 volume settings.

    “Honk! Honk!” “Tweet! Tweet” — choose your sound and let visitors to your office cubicle announce their arrival before they walk up behind you.

    The twelve sounds include: old car horn, chirping birds, ding-dong, sprong, fading laser, knocking on door, fog horn, big band, quack-quack, ring tone, cat meowing and chimes.

    Attaches to any smooth surface with Velcro tape.

    Requires 2 AAA batteries (included).


$14.95 ("flair" not included).

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Binary Nails


[via geek24 and vedia]

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Folding Pool Table


That's different.

From the website:

    Space Saving Billiards Table

    This billiards table easily folds upright and rolls on sturdy wheels for convenient, out-of-the-way storage.

    The durable table is constructed with a solid wood apron and rails that rest on heavy-duty, powder-coated steel tube legs with levelers that allow you to create a level playing surface.

    The playing surface is covered in a wool-blend cloth bordered by regulation K66 rubber bumpers with a hard rubber nose which transfer the energy of a ball to the softer inner core, resulting in precise angles with a zero angle of deflection.

    The table has two storage racks (one on each side) for cue sticks, and cloth side and corner pockets.

    Comes with triangle rack, chalk, and a carrying bag for 16 billiard balls (included).

    72"L x 38-1/2"W x 33" H.

    110 lbs.




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What's that mean?

Answer here this time tomorrow.

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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When life gives you a bug, make bug juice


That's what abr did.

See it?

So cool.

Alas, only in my TechnoDolt™ dreams.

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World's cheapest Bugatti


From websites:

Bugatti Uma Electronic Kitchen Scale/Timer

• System button to choose between Metric (kg/g) or Imperial (lb/oz)


• Electronic kitchen scale and 90 minute 59 second timer

• Tare/set button to add and weigh each additional item

• Stylish suspended weighing bowl


• Weight capacity: 3 kg/6 lb. 8 oz.

• Bowl capacity: 1.5 liter

• Chromed steel base


• Removable plastic bowl

• 24cm H x 22cm Ø


• Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

• Auto-Off


Red, Orange, Yellow, Cream, Pink, Black or Chrome.

£92.17–£100.18, depending on color.

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