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May 26, 2008

Wild Sanctuary — 'Home to the largest private archive of natural sound, anywhere'


It is what it says.

"Click on dozens of locations worldwide to hear snippets of their soundscape. I select the Amazon rain forest and my office is suddenly filled with a mesmerizing mix of hoots, cries and rustling. It's spooky —€” like nothing I've ever heard before."

So wrote Clive Thompson about Bernie Krause's creation, in the latest (June, 2008) issue of Wired magazine.

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Grill Shield


Good idea.

From the website:

    Grill Shield

    This ingenious little stainless steel device lets you barbecue with wood or bamboo skewers without fear of burning them.

    The food rests on the grill while the exposed ends of the skewers are lifted away from the heat, remaining cool to the touch.

    Dishwasher safe [not the skewers — the Grill Shield. Sheesh].

    Accommodates skewers from 6" to 18".



Flautist, we'll throw in the kabobs and sticks for you — everyone else, you're on your own.

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Boiler Suit — by Thomas Heatherwick


"Thomas Heatherwick


has completed


Boiler Suit,


an undulating facade


of woven steel panels


encasing the boiler house


at Guy’s Hospital


in London."

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Dot Laptop Sleeve


Wet suit grade neoprene.

Nice and stretchy.


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This is Christy Turlington


Last night reader Mitch Gross pointed out to me that any fool can easily learn that she's Escada's Spring/Summer 2008 face by doing a Google search.

In color (top) it's much easier to see that it's her than it was in the New York Times ad (below)


that fooled me.

And a second look (below)


makes it obvious.

All I can say is, I'm not just any fool — I'm your fool.

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Perfect Parker — This far, and no further


Not a bad idea, especially for someone who's just received their learner's permit.

From the website:

    Perfect Parker

    Park perfectly every time you pull into the garage with this flashing stop sign.

    When your bumper taps the flexible fiberglass rod, the motion-activated, bright red LED lights start flashing — that’s when you know to stop.

    No more worrying about hitting the wall or dinging the bikes.

    Batteries included.

    Indoor use only.




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'One click could change your future. Belt up'


Ad campaign to encourage seat belt use, created for the


government of Western Australia's Road Safety Council.


It'd play well here too.

[via Street Anatomy]

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Hot Mug


From the website:

    Hot Mug

    This clever mug is made with a heat-sensitive pigment that causes it to turn from black to white as it heats up.

    Consequently, it starts all black saying "COLD," and after adding your favorite warm drink you will see its color gradually turn white (this means really really HOT.)

$32 CAD.

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