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May 27, 2008

Dog Bone Pill Carrier — Organize your 'pet's' meds


Takes "hiding in plain sight" to the next level.

"Of course, those are my dog's pills," you say when someone spots your goofy bone.

"Who'd keep their meds in something that stupid looking?"

As if.

    Dog Bone Pill Carrier

    Organize your pet's meds in this easy to "spot" pillbox

    With this large visual reminder, you’re less likely to miss your pet’s daily dose of medications.

    Lids on this pet pillbox snap tight for a sure-fitting seal — and there’s no mistaking this pill box for anyone else’s.

    Spotted like a Dalmatian, this plastic dog bone has a compartment for every day of the week.

    Great for travel, or to leave with the dog sitter or kennel while you’re away.

    And when they’re organized this way, you won’t miss a dose.

    You pet’s pills stay secure under snap-tight lids.

    Even includes Braille markings.




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