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May 6, 2008

How to guarantee I won't feature your whatever in bookofjoe


Send me daily emails with websites or products or designs, concluding with the instruction, "Please review it on your website."

Even more likely to evoke a snicker of derision from all of us here at bookofjoe World Headquarters is an offer of a loaner to try out for two or three weeks.

Excuse me?

A loaner?

So I'm supposed to remember to send it back and pay for the return myself?

This really happens all the time — just ask Shawn Lea, head of my crack research team.

You want me to consider featuring whatever you've got, you send it to me and I like it or trash it or whatever but it sure ain't coming back to you.

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My loaners always get 'lost in the mail'. Sorry? What? I was supposed to insure this? Oh...maybe you should have sent a preaddressed, prepaid UPS box.

Even then...I rarely send anything back...call it the cost of the advertisement.

Posted by: clifyt | May 6, 2008 3:45:09 PM

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