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May 29, 2008

L.E.D. SpokeLit — Be seen


From the website:

L.E.D. SpokeLit

SpokeLit is a "must have" for city couriers, cyclists, or anyone who rides during the evening hours.

The effect is a bright circle of L.E.D.-generated light about the size of a wheel's diameter as the bicycle is ridden.


As we all know, anything that can be done to improve the visibility of a cyclist at night or in low light situations makes sense.

SpokeLit attaches quickly and easily to most all spoke configurations without tools.

It is designed to endure even the most grueling off-road riding conditions.

Shock- and weather-resistant.

Two modes: Flash or Glow.


Green or Red.


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Before my last bike was stolen, I was using a similar product called Hokey Spokes. They are far better than SpokeLit because you can program the LED lights to have custom messages displayed as you ride! The downside is that they are not as cheap as SpokeLit and slightly heavier, but frankly the customization is what makes Hokey Spokes a great product.

Posted by: Nikolas Schiller | May 29, 2008 10:15:07 PM

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