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May 6, 2008

Mace Pepper Gel


Pretty scary.

But then, that's the point.

From the website:

    Mace Pepper Spray Gel

    Mace's new patent pending advanced pepper spray product is a sticky gel that has a 10% pepper formulation (1.4% total capsaicinoids).

    Different and better than foam, the sticky gel comes in 1.59 oz. (45g) and 2.79 oz.(78g) canisters, and is propelled out of the canister by compressed air.

    Mace Pepper Spray Gel is a less-than-lethal personal defense device that has the ability to neutralize an assailant effectively from 18 feet away (max. up to 25 feet).

    The Mace gel formula sticks to the face of an assailant [top], leaving him temporarily blinded, which allows for safe detainment by law enforcement and military officials and/or a safe escape by civilians.

    Three year shelf life.

    1.59 oz. can contains about 7 one-second sprays.

    2.79 oz can has about 13 one-second shots.

    The gel is non-flammable and has been tested safely with Tasers and stun guns.

    It is ideal for indoor use and minimizes cross-contamination.

    This is important because streaming pepper sprays can contaminate a home, mall, hospital, business, prison cell or police car with an uncomfortable pepper scent that will take several hours to dissipate.

    The gel formula allows an assailant to be sprayed without contaminating the entire area.

    The pepper scent remains on the affected area as it is suspended in the gel.




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