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May 9, 2008

Piggyback Table(s) — by Thomas Heatherwick


From dezeen:


"Magis asked Heatherwick to design a dividable domestic table and 'the result was a table which literally "piggybacks" its twin,' according to Heatherwick’s studio.


"A grove and slot system has been designed so that when the two tables are on top of each other they seem to fuse to create a single table."


From Paul Goldberger's article about Heatherwick in the May 12, 2008 New Yorker:


"The studio recently completed a prototype for an expandable dining table consisting of two nearly identical tables that slot on top of each other —Heatherwick dubbed the design 'Piggyback.'


"The legs of the top table slide so neatly over those of the bottom one that the joined tables look like a single piece of furniture. When you want a bigger table, you lift the top table off, and the result is two tables with thinner legs and thinner tops.


"It is an enticing piece, possessing, like much of Heatherwick’s work, both the wit of an epigram and the conceptual elegance of a mathematical proof."

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