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June 7, 2008

'1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die'


Above, Dr. Peter Boxall's book.

I had a look at his list and can report that I've read 181 of them.

William Grimes wrote in a May 23, 2008 New York Times article about Boxall's compendium that "... a reasonably well-educated person will have read a third of them. (My own score, tallied after I made this estimate, was 303)."

Well, maybe I'll read the rest after I die.

There'll be lots of time then.

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there's a spreadsheet to help you track your progress with these books if you're at all interested on my book blog... the figures for how many you need to read per year before you die don't apply if you're already dead though - just thought I should mention that... happy reading

Posted by: Arukiyomi | Jun 7, 2008 5:01:25 PM

Wow! I must be very uneducated -- I've only read 75 of them :-(

Kinda interesting...several authors are very over represented. For instance, Leonard Elmore is on the list three times where as Jim Thomson is only there once. Very similar writing...both the essence of pulp. But Thompson is actually enjoyable. Six works for Atwood, but her best one not listed (I *OWN* the six listed but stopped after a chapter). Seven of Rushdie's works...seven more for Phillip Roth who isn't a bad writer but VERY overrepresented for a must read (something I wouldn't say for Rushdie...but damn...) If we are going to list great writers, why is Burgess only listed twice?

Anyhoo...great list. I don't feel so bad because I tend towards the unconventional anyways. But still, I will beat your score Dr. Joe...I will beat your score.

Posted by: clifyt | Jun 7, 2008 11:21:52 AM

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