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June 24, 2008

Things that make you go 'um'


First it was a hit song, now it's a book.

Long before both it was a mantra.

But I digress.

Michael Erard's book — "Um: Slips, Stumbles And Verbal Blunders, And What They Mean" — aims to help us understand why it is we make fools of ourselves when we open our mouths.

Long ago I abandoned any belief that understanding why I did something was the first step toward changing my behavior.

Nowadays I'm much more matter-of-fact about it, like the magnet on my fridge that says "Vote for change. Vote for me and I'll give you 25¢."


Those who'd like to try a more sensible approach can drop $16.47 on Erard's book and have at it.

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Luminous Table


The luminous 3/4"-thick phosphorescent glass top glows in proportion to the ambient lighting in a room — the darker the space, the more intense the glow.

Created by Chicago- and New York-based Sand Box Design.


Samuel Keller, one of the firm's partners, told Lucy Warwick-Ching in a June 21, 2008 Financial Times story that because the light changes as objects are placed on the table or removed, the piece acts like a light installation in addition to its table functionality.


In red, orange, yellow or blue.

You choose the size.


$150-$200/square foot.

The table pictured above and below measures 72"L x 36"W x 42"H.



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The best commenters in the business are right here



All possible love to all of you — past, present and future.

[via tinytapir]

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If you don't have it, flaunt it


[via eatnineghost.com]

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BehindTheMedspeak: Interactive Autopsy


"The following is a step-by-step demonstration of what happens during an autopsy procedure."

[via Jerry Young, who wrote, "I am afraid to even look at this site, but I thought you might like it."]

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Silence Rug


"Designed in Norway and manufactured in Sweden of wool from New Zealand, inspired by the Scandinavian winter."

Dimension: 63" Ø.



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But can I borrow against it?


I mean, it's just Monopoly money otherwise, what?

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Live Luggage — World's first powered suitcase


That's different.

From the website:

    Live Luggage Power-Assisted Suitcase

    Anti-gravity handle putting 85% of the weight over the wheels

    Unique umbrella storage (umbrella included)

    Flat motor technology built into wheels

    TSA-approved combination locks

    Force sensors and tilt switches

    Live Locator™ ID — a unique ID to help locate your suitcase in the event of loss



Take the interactive tour.


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