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June 17, 2008

Fortune Teller Finger Guard


From websites:

    Get-It Finger Guard

    Shaped like one of those cootie catchers that kids use to tell fortunes.

    Made from silicone, it's a pot holder variant designed to provide good dexterity and keep your fingers safe from heat.

    Flexible and heat-resistant (up to 600ºF), it's perfectly shaped to pick up difficult-to-grab objects like hard boiled eggs, baked potatoes, knobs or pot handles.

    When not in use, it sits up on the counter.


Sara Schaefer Muñoz reviewed in the May 8, 2008 Wall Street Journal as follows.

    Get-It Finger Guard

    This is designed like those playground "fortune-tellers" with four separate points that protect the fingers, and its fun design might inspire kids to help out in the kitchen. We found it useful, especially for tasks that require a bit of dexterity, like pulling an egg from boiling water or peeling up hot foil on a baking dish. But beware of contact with the sides or top of the oven — this doesn't cover the knuckles or upper hand.



Red, Mediterranean Blue or Wasabi.


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It looks a bit unwieldy to me.

Posted by: Jack | Jun 17, 2008 11:20:11 AM

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