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June 7, 2008

Hokey Spokes


These ought to be big at Virginia Tech.

Nikolas Schiller, commenting on my May 29 post about the L.E.D. SpokeLit, wrote, "Before my last bike was stolen, I was using a similar product called Hokey Spokes. They are far better than SpokeLit because you can program the LED lights to have custom messages displayed as you ride! The downside is that they are not as cheap as SpokeLit and slightly heavier, but frankly the customization is what makes Hokey Spokes a great product."

From the Hokey Spokes website:

    Hokey Spokes

    Hokey Spokes Hokey Spokes are transparent "blades" that attach to your bicycle spokes.

    As these blades spin during riding, a computer inside the blades modulates the internal LED lights so that design images and custom text appear.

    The user can decide how many spokes in a variety of colors they want to place on the bicycle wheel.

    Up to 6 "Blades" can be placed on each wheel.

    The more blades, the more visibility and persistence of vision at lower speeds.

    2 Blades/Wheel look good, 3 Blades/Wheel look great, and more than three look amazing.

    Hokey Spokes are designed so that they fit virtually any mountain or road bike with a wheel diameter of 24" or greater.

    Hokey Spokes can be used on front and back wheels at the same time.

    Each Hokey Spoke contains a number of designs and messages.

    The blades can cycle through all the designs or can be set to play a custom text message all the time.

    Play mode is selected by using one of the waterproof keys located on each blade.




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