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June 2, 2008

NeatSheets Bedside Pockets — Are those sheets around your pocket or...?



"Wouldn't it be neat if bedsheets had pockets for your reading glasses, TV remote or some tissues for when you have the sniffles?" began a May 4, 2008 story in the Orlando Sentinel.

Not to mention a water bottle, aspirin, a Hershey bar and whatever else floats your night-time boat.

Long story sheet: These fitted sheets have pockets on each side.


From the website:


    • Patented pockets — optional convenience pockets provide an ideal location for your bedside items

    • Quality construction — French seams and satin stitching highlight our commitment to quality construction

    • Luxurious quality cotton — 100% breathable cotton provides maximum luxury and comfort


$39.99–$199.99, depending on thread count.

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Will ruin the whole look of the bed. It's like stuffing your pant pockets with all of the above mentioned. Who wants that? Better to get a bedside table. Last I looked, that's what they are for.

Posted by: Milena | Jun 2, 2008 11:19:46 AM

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