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June 20, 2008

Typo Eradication Advancement League (TEAL) — Killing typos one errant letter at a time


Long story short: Jeff Deck is a 28-year-old Bostonian who took a two-and-a-half month journey around the U.S. during which he "... tried to stamp out as many mistakes as he could find by pointing them out or offering to fix them himself," wrote Jane Black in an amusing article which appeared on the front page of Wednesday's Washington Post Food section.

He's also the founder of TEAL.

He told Black that pointing out the mistakes was consistently painful: "Awkward was our trade."

Only someone with a piece or two missing would be delighted to be informed of an error on their watch.

No wonder things are so screwed up around here, 'cause there's nothing that makes me happier than having my face rubbed in a typo and then fixing it.

It's the little things.

Black herself has a bit of the old over-the-topness, methinks: in her story she wrote, "In my fantasy, I enter a restaurant, order and sweetly ask the waiter if I can 'hold on to the menu' during dinner. Then, using a distinctive purple pen, I discreetly copy-edit the descriptions of the dishes."


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Has anyone stopped to consider that, even as recently as 20 years ago, grammar rules in American English grammar were different than they are today, that we use (or should use) commas differently than we may have been taught in "grammar" school? Also, spelling is an issue that changes over time. Take, for instance, Sir Walter Ralegh: his name (Ralegh) can be found spelled at least 40 different ways, most of them by him (same is true of Shakespeare).

And what is meant by "white" arrogance and "east coast" arrogance?

Posted by: bob | Aug 22, 2008 7:36:43 PM

I had NO Idea there was an actual group after my own heart out there!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how much this drives me insane! I can remember 11 years ago being pregnant and reading a professionally mass produced sign regarding Zinc and why it's so important in pregnancy...do you know what word smack dab in the middle of the sign they spelled wrong? PREGNANT! It was apparently for those who were Pregnat lol

How can a sign be produced for the public and go through a number of people without it being recognized as an error? That's what makes me most angry...do they think that we are idiots and would just accept it?!

Menus are the best as are restaurants in whole... Crazy!

And if there is anything wrong in this post...no one checked it, and I was typing fast...lol

Posted by: christina | Aug 22, 2008 12:27:48 PM

I remember seeing that signage at the Watchtower as a child 20 years ago. Why is it you feel the need to correct something of historical importance that has stood the test of time? Why dont you wander into Bunker Hill, Gettysburg, or maybe the Smithsonians and try to pull this crap? This smacks of east coast arrogance at its finest (worst).

Posted by: | Aug 22, 2008 11:57:19 AM

You guys are utterly self-important douchebags; sickening to say the least.

Posted by: | Aug 22, 2008 11:51:51 AM

Obnoxious idiots? C'mon. With the salaries and fees associated with people/organizations putting up such signs, why can't they get them right?!?!? Poke fun all you want, I'm sure you've found some funny ones!

Posted by: Kim | Aug 22, 2008 10:59:45 AM

You're idiots.

Posted by: | Aug 22, 2008 8:39:39 AM

Troubling, indeed, and I would not want to live in their heads. It sounds like typical white American arrogance with a touch of OCD. How obnoxious.

Posted by: Cathy | Jun 20, 2008 10:35:30 PM

Huh. Musta not rubbed the face hard enough, 'cause in the Swing-A-Way Crank Can Opener post of June 16, 2008, it looks like that pesky "An" in the second sentence is unfixed.

Posted by: Flautist | Jun 20, 2008 9:35:47 PM

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