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July 17, 2008

Wendy Atterberry, Steph Auteri and Alex Zalben over at Nerve's Modern Materialist are my new best friends


Why do I say this?

Especially since I have never met nor spoken with any of them?

What kind of friendship is that, joe?

Are your eyes closed?

'Cause you must be dreaming.

Don't be a hater.

Almost every day I find something from bookofjoe featured on their blog.

That makes me happy.

Bonus: they actually link to me — unlike other some other very, very popular sites (you know who you are) who somehow lose the linkage in the virtual transition.

Hey, it happens.

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What's this?


Get your own.

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Oh, TypePad, why do you tempt me so?


Above, an update that came in via email yesterday afternoon.

Let's see... yes, I'm a blogger.

No, I don't have an iPhone.

But even if I did I really don't believe I could figure out how to "... upload photos directly from my iPhone to my blog."

Even more of a problem is something I saw earlier this week, namely that the current generation of iPods (and I must assume iPhones and the Touch as well) requires 10.4 or 10.5 to work.

Well, guess what?

Mr. TechnoDolt™ here is still slogging along (quite happily, I might add) with 10.3.9.

So getting an iPhone means upgrading my OS and that's not something I'm gonna do voluntarily.

At least, not at this point.


So I'll just have to pass on TypePad's offer of that tempting Apple — as it were.

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Snake Rug


A 2001 design by Britta Knüppel.


"A hand-knotted snake-shaped rug hides a cable that heats up, warming a cold floor. Buttons on the side make it possible to fix the snake in different positions."


Apply within.

[via tolin.cn]

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I haven't a clue what this does or how it works but apparently a lot of smart people find it wonderful.

That means you.

It was created by Josh Goebel.

Read his blog, he likes attention.

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Lulu's Hideaway


From the website:

Lulu's Hideaway

A futuristic, geometrical structure of contrasting acrylic, Lulu's Hideaway is a welcome addition to the cosmopolitan, pet-friendly home.


An ideal place for the modern cat or small dog to find some comfort and privacy within the constructs of your contemporary decor.

17.75"W x 17.75"L x 17.75"H.


White Acrylic: $499.

Chrome: $699.

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Call for a bookofjoe exclusive


Reading this past Tuesday's New York Times article by Ken Belson about the sudden shortage of 4s at gas stations now that gas prices have moved over $4 a gallon, I got to wondering how long it's gonna be till gas stations stop insulting our collective intelligence — well, yours at least — with that idiotstick 9/10.

I mean, what happens when oil hits $400 a barrel and gas prices exceed $10 a gallon?

Don't think that'll happen?

Dream on.

Last I read the likelihood of an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear installations before the end of Bush's presidency is around 50%.

But I digress.

I mean, are we to expect 1028.9 and suchlike on signs?

Or do you think by then they'll drop the 9?

First person to send me a photo of a U.S. gas station sign without the 9/10 gets published here.

And don't try any funny stuff with Photoshop and the like: my crack technical team will sort you out in a Charlottesville minute.

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Nice Bag


Created by Swedish designer Pia Wallén.


Pink, Green, White, Black, Orange or Red.


14"L x 11"H x 8"W.


Leather outside.


Felt inside.



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