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July 24, 2008

"Twitter's audience right now is limited to the 'cognoscenti'"


So wrote Jefferson Graham in his July 21, 2008 USA Today Money section cover story, quoting Gartner analyst Allen Weiner.

Jeez, are there really 2 million people who can be referred to as the "cognoscenti?"

'Cause that's how many users Twitter had in May of this year, according to Graham's article.

It comes as no surprise to you I'm sure that TechnoDolt™ here still hasn't twigged.

Last I looked there were 28 people following my Twitters, the last of which (top) appeared on November 26, 2006 at 8:33 p.m. ET.

You could look it up.

I've read that some people in the neighborhood of 50,000 followers.


Well, at least I was an early adopter.

You could look that up too.

Boy, if they only knew what you really do when you're at work.

Don't worry — I'll never tell.

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Scissors Cuff


Designed by Georgo Phillip Pecenikov.

The articulated scissors can open and close.

Hand cast in silver and plated with rhodium.



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What's on your shopping cart? Episode 2: We've been here before, turns out


An alert reader in India last evening emailed to point out that back on November 23, 2006 was when I first addressed the problem highlighted in yesterday morning's post about Chevy Chase Supermarket's slick new shopping cart washing machine.

Thank you for that.

Though my crack research team couldn't come up with it even after hours of searching my archives, I'd swear I've posted in the past — as either a "BehindTheMedspeak" or "Helpful Hints from joeeze" feature — my observations (secondhand, to be sure, since I'd read it somewhere) about the plastic piece in the mini-basket right under the shopping cart handle that says "Place in down position for child seat."

You don't want to shop with that piece in the down position if you don't have a child in that seat.

Think about it for a minute.


You're welcome.

[I owe this post to clifyt and Ray Earhart, both of whose Wednesdays I ruined with my post yesterday on this subject. Sorry, guys.]

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Ghost Chairs


Designed by


Ralph Nauta and


Lonneke Gordijin.


Apply within.

[via my7475.com]

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America's Walkers' Paradises — Top 138 neighborhoods in the U.S.


Res ipsa loquitur.

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Motion-Sensing Pet Bowl


I can't speak for you but I know two cats (very, very well) who might freak out upon first approaching this 21st-century iteration of the old feed bag.

From websites:

    Automatic Lid Pet Bowl

    This pet bowl features a motion sensor that automatically opens and closes its cover to preserve foods' freshness and prevent contact from bacteria, flies and other contaminants.

    When a pet approaches within 15 inches of the bowl, the cover raises up — a few seconds after your pet leaves the vicinity, it closes tight.

    The unit has two sensitivity levels or can be switched off entirely.

    Its sturdy ABS housing won't rust or dent and its stainless steel bowl lifts out for easy cleaning.

    The translucent cover lets you view the bowl's contents.

    Requires 4 AA batteries (not included) that last about 5 months.

    Small for pets up to 20 lbs.; Large for pets over 20 lbs.



Small (3.25"H x 5.75"W x 5.75"D): $39.95.

Large (3.75"H x 7.75"W x 7.75"D): $44.95.

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Human Archives Organization — 'Create an online representation of yourself or someone you know that will last forever'


Forever is a long, long time.

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Temperature-Sensitive LED Colorimetric Shower Head


So cool.

I mean, that's hot.


From the website:

LED Shower Light

Now you can step in the shower knowing the water is hot and ready.

Running water activates the bright LED's that light up the water — BLUE for cold and RED for hot.

Installs easily on standard 1/2 inch shower pipe.


Color changes at 89°F.

No batteries needed.




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