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July 30, 2008

Social Oyster — The only place in the world you can obtain an Oysterpass


Now I've got you quivering with excitement, don't I?

Bonus: It's free.

Marcus Reimold just sent me a link to his up-until-now stealth mode website, socialoyster.com.

It's currently in Beta open to a very select group which includes my readers.


I knew they were different but select, well — that's a whole new perspective on things.

But I digress.

When you apply tell Marcus I sent you if you like.

But I think you'd do better to pretend you simply fell off the turnip truck and found yourself on his site.

I'm just saying, is all.

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File under 'Stuff I don't understand'


Look at the photo above.

What do you see?

It's a new Nokia OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Model ACP-12U charger for my antediluvian Nokia 6230 candy bar cellphone, which amazingly still works just fine years after I bought it and subsequently subjected it to all the indignities cellphones suffer, i.e., dropping it, getting it all sweaty, leaving it in hot car trunks, etc.


Up until a couple weeks ago I had two of these chargers, then a week ago I had one and yesterday suddenly I had none.

Where did they go?

Who knows?

But just as I don't persist in looking for my cuff syringe after an initial survey of the post-intubation chaos around the head of the bed, instead simply getting out another so as to get on with my charting and the case, so with my chargers: a couple deep searches of my home turned up nada and so it was off to Amazon.


I found the charger I needed quickly enough — but the price!

How the heck can it only cost $1.35 when I paid something like $20 at an AT&T store a year ago for my (now absent) second one?

And a generic version cost that at a Pittsburgh International Airport shop when I looked this past Monday.

I have no idea what's with the crazily low price on Amazon — but I bought three on the spot.

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Floating Gazebo


From the website:

    Floating Gazebo

    Fishing just got easier for Bubba!

    I was going to build the Gazebo on the edge of my dock down by the lake, but I thought I might just as well build the deck with floats on it and then I can take it out fishing too.

    The deck has a 15,000-pound capacity and is 18 feet x 18 feet with 12 plastic foam-filled dock floats that are 4 feet x 4 feet by 18 inches high, and the Gazebo is a 10-foot diameter hexagon with a table and chairs inside.

    Under the table is my trolling motor so I can take it out to my favorite fishing hole.

    The trolling motor is wirelessly remote-controlled so I can be fishing outside and operate the motor.

    On top of the table I have a Lowrance Fish Finder with depth-sounding sonar and temperature gauge.

    I have two electric winches with 40-pound anchors and I've also built in a water pump so I can clean the fish right on the spot.

    Now I can relax and fish while my wife can sit and relax....


[via Ray Earhart, in response to my July 26, 2008 "Call for things of interest." So much great stuff came in that I won't have to do much at all for the next couple weeks except pick and choose what to put up here.]

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Carton Holder — Get a grip


The thing I like about this iteration as opposed to others I've seen is the truncated height and the relatively minimal use of plastic, enabling you to more easily visualize the contents.

From the website:

    Carton Holder

    Pouring from square cartons is easy with these lightweight but sturdy plastic holders in two sizes.

    Simply slide in milk or juice carton to add an easy-grip handle.

    Fits most refrigerator doors.

    Dishwasher safe.


Quart-size $4.99, Half-gallon $7.99, both here.

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Jumping the shark — Episode 2: It's not just for geezers


Last evening I got the following email from Jason Nicholl, majordomo of nukethefridge.com:

    NY Times article on Nuke the Fridge

    Hi Joe,

    I just read your blog and your comment about me and the New York Times article. I thought I would drop you an email to clear something up ... not that it really matters, the damage is done by the idiot at the New York Times. As shocking as this may be to hear ... the New York Times completely misquoted me and tried to create controversy where there was none. He asked me during the interview, "Who was more likely to use 'jump the shark' and who was more likely to use 'nuke the fridge?'" I said, "My partner Luis [Lecca] says that people who may be a little older who are not internet savvy enough to frequent message boards would probably have only heard of 'jump the shark,' while those who are young and internet savvy [and] on the internet all day long will probably be more inclined to use the newest catch phrases like 'nuke the fridge.'" That was my exact quote. Also, when he asked me what I thought about Jon Hein and jumptheshark.com and if we were competing with him, I said, "I respect Jon and all the work he has done. Without what he already did, there would be no 'nuke the fridge.' I love his site. But we are not competing with him. He covers TV while we cover movies. 'Jump the shark' is for TV shows, while 'nuke the fridge' is for movies." Somehow both those quotes got turned around into what you ... [read]. But honestly, when is the last time you saw a journalist do a good job? Just thought you might like to know. If I had read only the article and didn't [know] the real deal I would think I'm a douche bag too.


    Jason Nicholl


I emailed Jason back that not only did I not think he was a "douche bag" after reading the Times story, I still don't.

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Plastic Clothesline with Integrated Plastic Clothespins



What took so long?

"Hang items to dry quickly on this 15-foot-long plastic clothesline with six adjustable-position clips already attached. Works with regular clothespins too. Ties easily to your own hardware."

Offers many functions outside the clothes drying space.

Heck, if you try really hard you can prolly even think of some that're legal.


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Wearable Dog Toilet —€” Episode 2: In which we learn its proper name is 'Super Catcher' (We have video)

Yesterday afternoon via reader Jeannine I received a link to the jawdropping video above.

Courtesy of Maximillian Hill and unbiasedbias came this link to the website of the Chinese company which manufactures the "Super Catcher" — not only in English (as opposed to yesterday's Czech iteration) but also offering what Maximillian termed a "bonus video!"


The photos above and below will show you perhaps more than you ever wanted to know about how this device works.


"Super Catcher contains 1 collar, 1 leash, 1 harness, 1 dog backpack,


1 droppings device, 1 spare fixing feet, and 1 box of droppings pouch (20 pies [sic])."


Very detailed instructions here.

About the company:

Fellowlike Pet Product Co., Ltd.

The goal of building the Fellowlike Pet Product Co., Ltd. is to study and develop the "convenient" and "practical" new products; sharing them with pet hosts located all over the world to enjoy the plentiful fun from pets.


Tian-Szu Tseng, the company founder, loves to feed pets ever since he is a kid; he has been fascinated to Labrador retriever since 1993, and thus raising only Labrador retrievers only till now. At present, his home has three Labrador retrievers colored in chocolate, black and cream-yellow. Tseng uses the combination of himself and his three Labrador retrievers to picture the company's logo; the image color is also basing on chocolate, black and cream-yellow as telling customers the story of how the company is built.


Raising pets can release modern people's tense mood and accompany them through happy or lonely time together. Tseng thinks that the relation between human beings and dogs should be like brothers and sisters, accompanying each other to grow up; and that is why the company's name and trademark is the "Fellowlike."


The "Super Catcher" is the first product the company has launched to market. We anticipate that all dog hosts can get a dog-shit-free living environment from this product, and all people who feeding or not feeding dogs, and dogs, can live harmonically together in our society.


If a picture is worth 1,000 ... words, how many does the video leading this post subsume?

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Ogon RFID-Blocking Wallet


This will go perfectly with your aluminium (not a misspelling but, rather, a bone for my many UK fans who pine to be acknowledged, if only in passing) hat.

From the website:

    Ogon Wallet

    Not just another pretty case.

    Brushed aluminum gives this sleek Euro design wallet a modern techno look and offers added protection from ID theft by blocking the radio frequency (RFID) tags now imbedded in some credit cards.

    Compact and lightweight, it holds up to 15 cards in its seven PVC sleeves, whose fan-shaped compartments allow easy access to individual cards.

    Also protects data chips in credit cards from outside electromagnetic radiation.

    Slips easily into your shirt pocket or purse.

    Push button for easy opening and closing.

    4¼ x 2¾ x ½".

    Weighs 2 oz.


Blue, Lime, Purple, Chocolate or Black.



Note to Mel Gibson et al: Just let me know which color you prefer and I'll get one out to you (suitably inscribed, of course) in an Aussi minute.

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