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July 21, 2008

Free solar-powered flashlights — Mark Bent is giving away 500 of them


How do I know this?

Because the following email from Mark came in less than two hours ago (2:20 p.m., for those of you need this kind of detail):


From Mark's blog:

There are no charges, nothing to buy and we will send them to you at our cost from our warehouse in Houston when they arrive in mid-August. Each is individually numbered 1-500 and they are in blue ABS plastic and on the side, laser-etched, it says "Changing the World — Limited Edition May 2008."

We welcome requests from people who want a free light. Please send us an e-mail at info@sunnightsolar.com with the reason why we should send you a light. We will decide who gets a light — and obviously, people who are in a position to either blog to a large audience, put out a media article, buy lots of lights in the future, are heavily involved in environmental or humanitarian work, work for FEMA, the upper management of Red Cross or Greenpeace, in charge of the US Senate's oversight committee on incredibly large sums of money for foreign aid and really huge contracts for small businesses, the governors of any the Gulf Coast states, the Pope, Al Gore or Angelina Jolie — all of these people are probably going to get a light and Bill Gates can have two (if they send a request). If you just want a free light, just because you like to get free things — I can certainly sympathize, but you are probably not going to make the cut.

But, we will also just send some to people with really good stories. Peace Corps volunteers getting ready to go abroad are high on this list, people set to trek alone across large parts of the globe, people working in remote places, American men and women heading to war, or people with just really good stories — I am interested in getting feedback from and supporting the rebels among us, so send us your story.

Rules — we make up all of them and no one is promised nor guaranteed a light and we reserve the right to change or withdraw this offer at any time. We will probably not send lights internationally — it is just too costly, and with two billion people in the developing world needing light, 500 will not make a splash. And we reserve the right to post where we send the lights and post any of your follow-up responses to our web site. (One light per person/family/organization please).

These are our new lights (two modes: room or task lighting) and they are really great. They use nine LEDs — (three for room, six for task) and have low, medium and high settings. They will provide 4-5 hours on high, 7-8 on medium and 10-12 on low — all on one day’s charge. I just took one to Congo (see my previous blog post) and it was great.

Sure hope I make the cut and get one.

I can't speak for you but me, I love my Gen.1 BoGo Light, which Mark sent me after I blogged about him last year.

I keep right next to my treadmill hanging from a sliding door handle, where it's always ready if/when the mains should suddenly fail.

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Although I should probably be happy the power cuts are so infrequent I don't ned a flashlight around the house.

Posted by: Martina | Sep 1, 2008 8:22:13 AM

Very cool indeed... too bad there's no international shipping.
(Although I should probably be happy the power cuts are so infrequent I don't need a flashlight around the house.)

Posted by: Jen | Jul 23, 2008 5:19:56 AM

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